Thursday, November 17, 2005

Well Mike has finally returned to Phoenix

Well Mike is back in Phoenix . He had been gone nearly 3 weeks, which is ages . Sam and I have done great . We are well loved and supported by the community here in Anthem and we are used to it. We definately know it is a part of what Mike is called to do so we both rest easy with it BUT it is so much more fun when he is here !!! and louder!!!! and busier!!!!!!
Mike had great worthwhile trips to scandanavia and sheffield. Life shapes is really taking off over there so that is fantastic to be part of. Steve Cockram and Sam Jampetro travelled with Mike and were a great assett to him .
My mum and Brenda arrive tomorrow so I had better get the house spotless!!!!!!
It is great that it has cooled down here to a wonderful 78'f midday and is cool and crisp in the mornings when i take Charlie for a walk in the local park !

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Well Matt and Jo Parkins have left us today . i took them to the Airport for their 13 hr flight to new Zealand where they will join Neil and Nat and Dan and Emma. it has been great having them with us a real blessing . they have fitted in really well and got to us all better and some people at joy too. Charlie will definately miss them, they took him for great walks and gave him snacks!!! I had an interesting day yesterday I was driving Mike's car to get serviced when i was approaching green lights at a junction only to see and hear two emergency fire engines steaming through the Red lights at the junction I braked to aviod them only to be rear ended by another car . I was very lucky not to get pushed into the oncoming firetrucks or spun around, Mikes' car performed brilliantly but it did get a bit damaged in the process !!!! Still it's only a car as Mike said, when I let him know whilst he was in Norway!!!! The house is now full of teenagers watching videos as Sam has brought all his school friends home after a PEP rally at school not sure what one of those is but hey !!! He has a day off tommorrow for Veterans day not really sure what that is either, but it seems like remberance day as a public holiday

Thought you might like to see a picture of our new addition Charlie . he is a 5month old Black lab bought for Sam so that he doen't miss his sisters too much . Not that there is much similarity apart from how much mess they both make . he is great fun and keeps me company when mike is away.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

First post

Well isn't this exciting. Mike and I have decided to get in to the 2005's and have a blog for our family ,so that we can still feel connected to all of you guys all over the world, and so that you can know whats going on in our lives .
Mike is at present travelling in the Uk, Denmark and Norway. He left Charleston on Wednesday after we(Sam, sally and Mike ) went and taught on a Parish weekend and visited Mal and Chriscelle, Mags and Phil, and then saw Harry and Beckie
We have Matt and Jo Parkins staying with us which is how I am able to do this at all !!!!!!! It is still 85'f here in the day so that is great . Beccy and Libby keep telling me how cold Sheffield is. Mike is now there with them and driving Beccy's little Nissan Micra !!!!!!! Matt says that he is going to teach me how to post photos tomorrow so watch this space ,