Monday, May 28, 2007

Summer is here and goodbyes

Summer is officially here with school now out for about 14 weeks !!!

We had a great TOM lunch yesterday saying goodbye to all those who have been with us in Phoenix over the last 3 years and who now feel its time to move on, not everyone could make it but we had lots of fun and food . Here are some photos to show you

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Took some sweet photos of my two gorgeous girls this weekend can believe they are going to be 21 and 23 this summer.

schools out for sam as of today so no more school until end of august and then only 2hrs a day .

We are moving house this summer too.

Well we like to move and have been in this one 3 years which is along time for us !!!!

Actually the Cockrams are buying ours as when they came to stay they likes it sooo much they wanted it and its loads easier for them .

so we have bought a one storey over in a new part of anthem with fewer rooms and more yard and closer to the mountains and desert ,so I now have to get my head around packing again !!!!! and decorating !!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Our friends from switzerland love the pool and charlie . they have been throwing him balls to fetch forever . They go home tomorrow so we will all miss them but especially Charlie .

Took Mike to catch a plane today . He is off to Columbia, then Atlanta , then Houston back on thursday so onlya short trip .
Out next trip together is to sheffield -hurrah!!!

We also went up to crown king with tim and rebecca a real cowboy town and great views


our friends from switzerland

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

New visitors

As ever we are in a state of transition .

Libby has returned which is always wonderful she is here for many many weeks but has to go back to the uk to be at Soul survivor in August and then return to us again till september. She will then be in her last yr and heading to S Africa after that. Its very exciting that she hasa vsion and hope for the street boys in Durban and no doubt you will hear all about it when any of you see her !!

We have friends from switzerland here too . they seem to be really enjoying the sun , the pool and the BBQ ( photos will follow ).

We are havinga BBQ tonite for some CCOJ friends too as Tim ( from Swizerland )really wants to BBQ so it will be steaks on the barbie later !!!

Mike and I enjoyed Seattle it feels very familiar with its green trees and damp weather !!!

I had a lovely Mothers day on sunday very well looked after and loved . sam and taylor did a surprise lunch and cinema trip so lots of fun especially nice as Mike was away .

We all regrouped later on Sunday though with lots of laughter and screams as Sam and beccy hadn't seen libby for nearly 6 months so lots of catching up to do .

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sam's High School Prom

Its just like in the 'movies"

Sam had his High School Prom last night

It included all the essential elements of Flowers for his Date, a Hummer limosine, Tuxedo's and lots of amazing dresses.

There was also the voting and I am pleased to announce Sam was voted prom Prince!!! if I knew what it meant I am sure I would be excited .

He was thrilled bit very cool about it .

But my job was to make sure he had everything right including matching waistcoat to compliment Taylors dress and to take photos , so here are some for you to enjoy!