Saturday, September 30, 2006

Went and took Nan and Brenda to Beccy's appartment thought also we din't have any photos of her appartment ,her flatmate or her new car so here we are !!!!!!!!!!!!!

took my mum , Brenda , Naomi and Kirsty to the grand canyon yesterday hada great time and saw lots of Autumn colours - abit lacking in the desert!!!

Monday, September 25, 2006

sam fun weekend

weekends activities

well Mike and I went to Birmingham Alabama and hada really great time there . Mike was teaching covenant (my favorite) really good journey there but horrendeous journey back we ended up hiringa car and driving to Atlanta as the planes weren't leaving and in fact never left !!!
we got to Atlanta and happened to have the unexpected pleasure of meeting Phil Kelly in terminal A on his way back from Denver (he was also delayed)
we then waited another 2hrs eventually leaving on a plane to Phoenix which arrived at 4 in the morning only 8hrs late !!! which we only just got on because they forgot to allocate us seats and weren't sure we would get on it!!!!
Meanwhile Sam and Beccy were having their own excitement . Sam we have discovered is accident prone and whilst being away on the youth weekend playing football managed to geta head injury and substantial black eye (see photo ) it was touch and go wheter to take him to emergency but being british we decided against it , poor beccy did however have to check on him and wake him every 2 hrs to check he was conscious !!!! This was all relayed to us via cell phone . What a day!!!!! now we are all safe and well at home if a little tired !!!!
My mum and Brenda arrive tomorrow !!!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Away for weekend

Well we are off to Birmingham , Alabama tomorrow with a very early start at 5:ooam !!!
The Life shapes intensive went exceptionally well but we area bit tired aftera week of entertaining and speaking . There were visitors from all over the USA which always amazes me .
Sam is off to Prescott on a youth weekend amd beccy is in charge of Charlie

Sunday, September 17, 2006

salmon and steaks

Well Mike has just returned from Omaha where he had a great time . A while back he went to a church and they noticed his shoes and sent him some -very cool - Last week he went to alaska and brought back salmon 25lbs of it !!!!this weekend he brought pounds and pounds of steak back !!!! we go to alabama next weekend and wonder what currency we will get paid in from there !!! Its great our freezer is full and BBQ season has arrived so we can really do that well !!!! Its bad if the luggage gets delayed and it all defrosts- especially salmon !!!!

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Sam is on the school swim team so we watched him swim tonite in Anthem ,great to see and a really good atmosphere . Reminds us when we used to watch beccy and libby in Arkanas swim for their team ( a few years ago now) USA is very good at the whole sport thing at and for school my observation is that Uk is rubbish at it !!!!
Mike is off to Omaha this weeend with Sam Jampedro and then comes back Sunday to do the Lifeshapes conference in Phoenix. we have had a house full of visitors from Colorado to Calgary - these last two weeks its all good fun and we have ahouse full next week too !

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Abandoned stuff in Arizona

I love to take photos of things that have been abandoned out here in Arizona This is what I found last weekend!!!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day

Went to Crown King today it is a very small community(village) that lives up in the north of Arizona . There only 100 people who live there permenantly. We borrowed bikes and drove and rode down the mountain -about 15miles . The community is very old and pioneering it is very easy to image what the wild west was like ,when you are there it is stepping back in time . We had fun. We then came home and BBQ like true americans !!!!

Sunday, September 03, 2006


Mike and I went to see 2 very different but excellent movies this weekend.
The first was the illusionist really brilliantly acted by Edward Norton so good keeps you guessing.
The second was little Miss sunshine (this is a must for Anne and Angus!!!) so good and so funny . mike of course was laughing louder and longer than anyone else in the cinema. It is also filmed near us in Phoenix so that was cool too.
Beccy is now on her way back .The embassy having miraculously rushed her visa to her in a record 2 days after being interviewed and approved !!! (ours took I think 7 -10)

Friday, September 01, 2006


Mike is Alaska it looks cool but cold