Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Mike has returned from his travels a little tired but doing well
Not quite up to putting up the christmas lights yet but maybe after some more cups of tea and a few more hours in front of the football he will be revived.
Its gone amazingly cold here so it does seem more like the season .We are actually wearing sweaters !!!
I will add Mike's India and frankfurt photos from his phone when i have worked out how to do it!!!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Beccy and the puppy Seven


Its Thanksgiving here The biggest USA holiday which everyone makes abig deal of.
We have 12 for lunch with turkey etc . there are some weird things eg Beans and marshmallows!!!! but we decided to give them a miss.
There is the parade which you need to watch and then the football!!!
The sun is still shining so we will sit by the pool and relax after the meal - all very civilised!!!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

a bit up in the air right now!

On flight to Frankfurt from India just had little (6 hrs) sleep eating breakfast and using Lufthansas inflight wi-fi! Just had to to all....

Dan , emma Natalie (with Matthew) and Neil

Ian and Julie In Geelong

Malcolm and Cheryll in Perth

Matt and Jo Parkins In Geelong Australia

Visits to all the tommies in NZ and Australia

Thought I would post pictures of all the TOM members we visited , the only ones we are missing are Andrew and Christine in Rangiora (so apologies to them )
We had a brilliant time catching up, encouraging and generally getting alongside all these guys .
We also made some new friends along the way, Libby and Wayne who lead the parachute band and festival in NZ and a couple called Bruce and Rosemary who lead a large contemporary young adult church ( abit like Soul survivor) but aimed at Catholics in Perth .
Mike has met with over 500 pastors in India this week too
I headed home for Thanksgiving to cook dinner for 15 !! and to get back to the sunshine !!!
NZ and Melbourne were freezing I was wearing 5 layers !!!! It hailed and snowed!!!

on the long road home!

Just finishing my time in Hyderabad India - had a wonderful time -great gathering of christians yesterday in one of the outlying towns. Today an excellent time with senior leaders from the city. You can see the levels of committment are very high - and also see the remarkable breakthrus the church is making among the poor people here- wonderful experience!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

weird and wonderful

I really like the Koala bears they are very cute but also weird like most animals in Australia

Mike on his travels

Monday, November 20, 2006

Don't know what I have done but don't seem to be able to load photos so I am hoping matt parkins might be able to help .

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Arrived home after travels

I got home this evening after having a very long sunday 48hrs long!!!! travelling from Perth to Phoenix is along way but all the travel was smooth and uneventful !!!
Mike is now in india
I have loads of photos to post but will just put one on tonite so you can visualise Mike travelling around the world

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

'from the land down under'
Sally and I went to a wildlife park today - saw all kinds of Oz critters!
Yesterday I played Golf with Ian Weaver -local vicar and Matt Parkin - TOM member - there were Kangaroos all over the course!
We've actually done some work too - teaching the small group leaders (small groups called 'Mission Pods' here)
Tonight we are off to teach at the mid-week service.
Its been a tremendous time here in the Antipodes the New Zealand Missionaries are doing well and the Auckland Church we visited (St Pauls) is fantastic!

this is a test post from Oz!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Well we are about ready to do our flying visit to N Zealand and Australia mike is of course going on to India(yes he got the visa) and then to Frankfurt!!!

I think I have done rather well on the packing, I am travelling quite light -one small suitcase
Mike has slightly more !!!

We will post when we are away .Now he mike has started this blogging there is no stopping him!!!!

Beccy is off to Las Vegas at the weekend (next)and Sam to California.
So connecting with everyone in our immmediate family might be a challenge !!!
Charlie is off to the trainers.

Beccy also has a new house mate , a small 8 week old puppy called seven (yes 7)!!!! that kelly's ( her housemate)class( she is a teacher) gave her for her birthday !!!He is very cute ,he is a cross between a Australian shepherd dog and a Chow!!!! so very fluffy , pictures will follow iI am sure!!!