Monday, April 30, 2007

more on film and fatalism (and an interesting thought from historical research... )

I seem to remember that when I was studying Old Testament Apocalyptic literature at Theological College I came across a theory of the origin of these books that suggested that when there is large scale 'social stress' and fear of the future like that which the current wave of war and terrorism has engendered, people often try to re-imagine the future. In relation to the Bible it was suggested that exile and oppressive occupation created the social and pschological context for apocalyptic prophecy to grow and that the strong emphasis on judgement for the wicked oppressors and freedom for the downtrodden was directly connected to the difficult circumstances that the prophets faced. Maybe this is what's behind all this fatalism and future stuff that we see in the movies right now.
I saw 'Meet the Robinsons' a few days ago - a family cartoon (not the kind of film I usually frequent these days) and there it was again; the future being changed so that what we feared most - a future ruled by heartless monsters-did'nt happen- and this is a kids film for goodness sake! Then I watched 'Heroes' (the new NBC hit on American TV) and the same theme was on every frame! I'm telling you there's something in the air!
What I'm thinking is this; we need to offer the Biblical view of the future (a view that was shaped by God in similar circumstances to those that many face today), which reveals that God will right every wrong and heal every hurt and teach that as Jesus works in our lives these future certainties begin to have an effect now. Just a thought.......Mike

Thursday, April 26, 2007

The summer is approaching fast here in the usa as Sam finishes his Junior year in 3 weeks .

Next year he will be a senior and because he has taken some extra classes in the summer each year he now only need to go to school as a senior for 2hrs aday not bad really ( its like 6th form in the uk )

He is begining to start training for swim team again which means he gets a tan whilst getting fit !!!

He is also campaigning for the fair treatment of children in Uganda with the organisation Invisible Children and is sleeping most of the weekend in a cardboard box with only water and crackers to eat !!!

TOM retreat

Back from S carolina

I have returned from a really great time in S Carolina retreating with all the seniors from the Order of Mission .

We had great scenery, great company. great food and great Bible studies .

I have added some photos .

we had guys from around the world join us and Ian Weaver from Australia did eventually get home !!!!

Mike is now in Arkansas with his Hub church there.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

new arrivals from overseas

I picked up Ian Weaver from Melbourne ,Australia this morning after he had travelled two days to get to us!!!
He is now desperately trying to stay awake .
He may get in the hot tub later.
We are all of to S .Carolina this weekend for the TOM retreat, which is always fab we are really looking forward to it
Mike has also taken him for a drive to Sedona

Monday, April 09, 2007

fatalism and films

I've noticed something recently. There is an interesting trend in recent movies which seems to go as far back as Minority Report; fatalism and a fear of being controlled by predetermined and inevitable events. This appears to be a strong and perhaps growing theme in mainstream films at the moment. The Lake House, Deja Vu and Premonition all appear to present the same view of the future - a future which is fixed and unchangable. This leads the characters in the plot to try to trick their inevitable future with varying success. Whatever you think about this view of time (and I dont agree with it) it reveals a deep anxiety in the population. The anxiety is that our future is fixed and we cant change it. This of course, leads to a sense of powerlessness, depression and, in its most developed sense, and kind of fatalism found in Islam and Hinduism which excuses such things as the Caste system, brutalism, tyranny and all kinds of other things which are seen to be "Gods Will"-a determined future defined by an uncaring god.

As Christians we might have something to say about all this! We could address real fears that hold people captive from which God wants to release them. Our witness, at minimum, is to a God who can change our futures - who wants us to be free to follow Jesus and not determined by anything other than his love for us......Mike

Friday, April 06, 2007

Luggage again

Here's another Barcelona photo very sweet of Libby .
I have hundreds !!!

Also forgot to mention the great service BA gave us by loosing our bags for 4days !!! we got them just in time for Mike to take them to switzerland with him .
it did mean i became an expert at shopping on the main high street in Barcelona every day they didn't arrive for more clothes , shoes, and other things like tooth brushes!!!
When we did get them they were tagged " RUSH and priority " how long would they have been with out those tags who knows !!!

Libby in barcelona

Happy Easter

Well everyone has returned from their travels and we came home to find the Bells staying with Nigel and Sue what a deliight to see them again and Sam and Jonny seem to have loads of fun and eaten lots of In and Out burgers.

Just finished reading the new Jodi Picoult novel called nineteen minutes about a high school shooting in USA. it was really good and it kept me busy on several planes .

What seemed slightly bizarre was that on Thursday sam didnt go to school but then we found out later loads of kids didnt go because there was a threatened High school shooting which everyone including the school were alerted to.

Any way it all seemed to not happen thankfully but just areminder how easy it is to get guns over here legally and illlegally .

Monday, April 02, 2007


Mike and I met Libby and 5o others in Barcelon
We were meeting to look at church planting in europe and how to accelerate the process and progress.
It was a great venue -who could fail to enjoy barcelona
It was a great team
It was great fun
It was great to meet up with friends from all over europe But
It was best seeing our youngest daughter Libby and hearing all about her South africa adventures and seeing God give her a vision for what she might do in the future and knowing that God had protected her from any injury when she wrecked her car completely in the 12hrs she was back in sheffield between s africa and spain !

It was not so great having our luggage lost for 4 full days and no one knowing where it was.
It was not so great saying goodbye to Libby on Saturday evening