Monday, July 30, 2007




new photos


Sunday, July 29, 2007


Well we are finally home after 3 weeks away.
We went to Sheffield in June and it rained
We went to Norway in July and it rained.
we went to North carolina in July and it rained there too so we are glad to see the sunshine of Arizona although its now raining (monsoonal ) here too !!!!
We have got most of the house sorted but there is still the whole yard /pool thing to do !!!!
We have got most of beccy's wedding sorted but there is always something to do around that.
Mike and Beccy fly to NZ and australia for 2 weks on wednesday so Life does not seem to slow down exept when you are on the beach in SCarolina .
Libby is in San diego this weekend with Gavin after doing summer intern kids programme with Sam and some others for abour 10 weeks . She lost her voice last week because she had been shouting so much !!!!
Well now must post lots of new pictures of lots of places and our house

Friday, July 20, 2007


We have been travelling for the last few weeks . we have been to the lovely, beautiful and very stylish Norway where it rained heavily for several days . It reminded us of many days spent in the new wine fields stopping through mud!!!
We have then travelled to South Carolina to the beach house ( our childrens favorite place in all the world) and had great fun body surfing and gettinga good tan . we have taken loads of photos too. The pelicans and other wild life are amazing .

we are now on our way to North carolina to the mountains to celebrate Libby's 21st birthday.
On sunday the kids fly back to phoenix and work. Mike and I are doinga family camp in ashville for a week

The new house is looking good and feels like home . We have already had some visitors and are expecting some more. Hiro and Beccy called in from Japan and we are expecting Victor from India just before Mike and Beccy travel to Australia and New Zealand. Gavin a friend of Libby's also flies in next week.

will promise to post photos soon