Sunday, September 16, 2007

Star jumps in S Carolina

Well I have not bee very good at posting on the blogg recently . I think the combination of moving, travelling, wedding stuff and Face book have all been to blame but I am back on track now.

Last weekend Libby hosted a bridal shower for Phil and Beccy for about 60 people , it is culturally very far from us but everyone seemed to have agreat time and we have video footage to proove it !!!

My mum arrived about 10days ago and we have of course got her inspiring us as to how to plant things in the dessert otherwise known asa garden!!!

Pool should be finished by next week !!!! and the yard the wek after.

Libby got back safe and well and is off to france with Gavin and his parents this week . She bought herself a Smart car for getting about in and around Sheffield since she smashed her micra into a wall when the back axel broke in May !!!

Beccy has got herself a new job she is now the proud teacher of 23 little 7yr olds. She has always wanted to be a teacher but wanted to work for us asa detour along the way!! She is very excited and we are really pleased for her. so she has quite abit going on in her life at present , new job, getting married and moving into a new appartment but hey what fun !!

Sam is this season playing soccer for school although in this heat I am not sure why or how!!!

Mike is enjoying going to all the hub churches and we are loving having The Cockrams now as neighbours .

The photo is one I took on the beach and one which I love of the happy couple