Sunday, January 29, 2006

Well Mike has been in Canada this weekend. It has gone really well the best event evr for Cook so thats encouraging . They were due home tonite but will get laid over in seattle and be back tommoorow, a bit dissappointing but what can you do .At least nigel is with him and they will go to the movies. Went to see memoirs of giesha last week a beautiful film we really enjoyed it . sam is up and driving even with one arm in cast!!!!
I have a new Bike .it is a shopping bike with a basket Anthem is wonderful place to cycle around lots of bike trails etc ,so i am very excited it is all part of the' get fitter me" , only another 10lbs to go !!!!! not bad really . Off to Tom huddle now always good to connect and be accountable with everyone here .

Friday, January 27, 2006

Today was a momentous day in the Breen family
Sam passed his driving permit which now means he can sit behind the wheel of the car with an adult present (this adult thinks it is terrifying ) and as mike is in canada it will be me who does sit by him but we are starting for my nerves on very quiet roads !!!!! He will be great ,it is me who need tranqualisers!!!!Beccy also passed her driving test in the UK hurrah . she already has a car and has been driving it since Sept ( on her USA license ) she wanted to do this to make it proper and to never have to do it again!! She also heard she didn't get on the pgce at hallam 250 applicants for 20 places !!! so she is now really excited about what else she might do .She wanted to see if she would get on but wasn't dissapointed she didn't.
Libby is off to Berlin with Uni this week so should be fun there are only 3 of them going from their course !!With at least that many lecturers .

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Having a really frustrating time with buying things andthen they go wrong or don't work quite right, phones ,the computer -it is now my third since christmas, my bike-returned it and some little niggly bits on the beetle all of this takes loads and loads of time !!!!!

Anyway off to the personal trainer again hurting after yesterday when sue mallon and i worked out together it was very funny

Mike is off to Canada( Edmonton) to the coldest place you could possibly imagine having a conference ,it is the largest worship conference in N. America. Mike will do seminars on lifeshapes with nigel so should be fun.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

We have just returned from doing Joy's youth weekend up in freezing Williams Near flagstaff. ( 12.f at night)it was great weekend in the best retreat house we have ever been to !! Will definately try to book it again . It was great to see kids get the Holy spirit for the first time to try and hear God for them selves and to go deeper . It reminded us of our Youth group where Mike and I met and had great memorable times . sam loves it and is a definate leader amongst them ,it is cool to observe your children growing up in God .

Friday, January 20, 2006


This is charlie now 9mths old he is the most loveable, funny and affectionate dog we have ever had and this is our 5th !!!. we leave children and pets scattered around the world (quote from the kids )This photo is especially for Jo and Matt

This is sam with his arm in his cast 4 weeks with a full arm cast and 3 more witha short arm cast . He has been great about it . We are all going on the Joy Youth weekend away in the mountains ( mike is speaking ) so should be good. sam loves the youth group here and has no problem adapting or fitting in . He is such a star

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

It has been with much sadness that we learned of Andrew Lawson Johnsons death on Monday . He was good friend and a great man of faith . We will miss him . We have a painting he did of the tree on the beach in s .carolina in our house here in Phoenix which will be a lovely and constant reminder of him and his talents.

Monday, January 16, 2006

A much better day

Well today monday was a good day it started late always good as there was no school today( martin luther King day ) We had a great conversation with the team in Sicily . Good emails from guys around the world . I love getting everyones news I must be nosey!!! or interested. Watched 24 yesterday actually managed to record it and we have another 2 hrs tonite

Saturday, January 14, 2006

An interesting day

What aday , it stared by taking bex and libby to the Airport in plenty of time ,only to find the freeway was being worked on and they shut it!!! this meant we were late ,the lines were long etc . we eventually got them thro all the checks and they were on their way !!! i just arrived home when sam's lacrosse coach rang and said they thought he had broken his arm and could i meet him at the fields!!! the field are miles away, the directions are terrible, Sam is getting worse so Ambulance is called!!! i arrive we go to a hospital and then leave 4hours later !!!! I dislike the USA medical system and we have insurance cover !!! It is almost a year to the week that sam broke his wrist snowboarding last year!!!! It must be an annual thing!!!He was very brave and did great . The girls have got to Chicago and the last leg to go . They are looking definately more tanned than when they arrived!!! it will fade as soon as they land!!!Sam is now drugged up and dosey with his arm in plaster!! This is a picture of Sam without the broken arm!!!

Friday, January 13, 2006

This is a cool picture Sam took whilst we were driving to Phoenix yesterday, the sunsets here are amazing. Mike is in Oklahoma , he says its windy and colder (they also have fires there at the moment) but a great church he's back on Sunday. Girls are packed , just done the last Walmart run for last minute supplies they are probably over weight with luggage . they dont do travelling light !!!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Sam has loved having his sisters here with him

The exodus begins

As you can tell we took photos yesterday. it was a mad rush outside the church before everyone returns to the uk or flies off some where. so while we were all still together i needed to take photos. i hope you are impressed that i managed to get everyone in the same place at the same time wearing vaguely the same things !!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Photos at the desert botanical gardens

The botanical gardens are great ,very desert like

My Birthday

This is the picture taken today on my Birthday Had a great day , it was wonderful to spend it with all these people that i love so much . look at our family likeness and different heights and shapes !!!. No comments please . It is great being 47

Monday, January 09, 2006

New Term

Sam started school term again today it starts early 7.15 but he doesn't have far to go . What is amazing is the students car parking lot has more cars in it than the teachers!! Libby has returned from New mexico with friends hoping to Skii but no snow!Beccy is finishing her research proposal ( which she hates doing) and Mike is off to a breakfasts meeting . He has also been meeting with the USA alpha guys so it is all go. I need to walk Charlie and start the day well. The sun is going to be shining again today. Beccy looked on UK weather and the forecast is rain for the next weel!. They were not excited at that prospect , so we are thinking of you all in rather wet UK and probably cold Sheffield.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Mike is Seattle this fall Looking very reflective

Well i hope the photos went down well.
This New Year we have had lots of people asking for pray for healing it seems like there are more ill or is it just that distance gives you a different perpective!! We really pray for all of these friends and this past year we ( in Phoenix saw some wonderful healings ) so we feel encouraged and stand on the truths and press on .
Only a week to go before all the present visitors go ( Beccy , Libby, Mum) so the house will seem very quiet. i am getting better at the good byes at the airport but I still walk away crying !!!Most of the time Sheffield seems down the road ! The world is a very small place. Have you read the book The World is flat along the same theme .

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Still trying to get fit for 2006

Well another day at the gym Beccy went with me and we now hurt !!!! We are making progress and should be ready for the swimsuit season!!! (here in Phoenix About Feb) if I do well . Really want to be fit and active in my later years that is what is motivating me . Sue mallon has also been doing it to so we can encourage each other and moan together !!!. The sun is out today and Beccy, libby,Charlie(The dog ) and Nana are all sunbathing , Mike is playing golf,Sam is ice skating with friends, so we have the full range of activities going on at present!!!! Hope you like the photos i am hooked now on posting them so watch out.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Sam and Beccy trying to Sledge

dad and libby

On the trip to Colorada in Monument valley!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Trying to do photos of our trip

Happy New Year

We have just returned from skiing in Colorado. We took 12hrs getting there via monument valley and other stunning places. We took my mum with us as well as all the kids so it was abit sqaushed in the car but fun just the same.We were staying in afriends cabin just outside Breckenridge. The town itself is beatiful ,really christmassy, lots of little craft shops . Everyone had fun but each of the kids got mountain sickness( it is over 10,000 feet) ,Beccy was Ski patrolled off the mountain, libby threw up in the cafe and sam threw up everywhere !!! we now know where to get oxygen to relieve the symptoms and i will post a picture of us all in an oxygen bar . This is bound to get used in a book or sermon ,we looked so funny!!! We are now back home , we have cleared the decorations and feel ready for the new year. all the services at Joy were great,feeling and being completely different to last year, with lots of breakthroughs and over 1000 people at the Christmas day service.
The new year as ever looks busy but in balance . Mike is travelling and doing lots of work for the whole lifeshapes movement . He is also going to New Zealand/Australia early in Feb. We have many visitors already booked in so the Breen Hotel will be up and running again this 2006!!