Friday, June 30, 2006

Well Mike had arrived back but the girls left for family camp ( annual church holiday which involves lots of children, lots of water and not alot of sleep)up in the north of Arizona before he got back and we will leave for california before they get back. Having adult children just means life gets even more complicated (in a good way of course)
Sam is off to see the GooGoo dolls tomorrow in concert and is really enjoying his new freedom of driving,he is very keen to run any errand to buy a pint of milk etc if it involves taking the car!!!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Well as ever nothing is stationary in this household.
Went to ikea to help Beccy buy stuff including a bed for her apartment which she is moving into (photos will follow) next week. its lovely and the girl she is sharing is is great .
So all change, she is repacking her stuff and saying this has to be last time she moves it!!!! as it is well travelled (several times across the atlantic)
She has now got herself a job, a housemate , abed,an apartment, a car , a small group, a worship group she is part of , and some friends .not forgetting quite a good tan !!!not bad for 4 weeks since she arrived. Must be well practised at this missionary lifestyle!!!!

Monday, June 26, 2006

back home

well we have arrived safely back to Arizona no excitment on the flights which is always good no lost suitcases always a plus !!! house clean and tidy on return .
We had Mike Pilavachi staying last night always good to see him he is doing so well and doing about as much travelling as ever !!
Sam passed his driving test so he is on the roads free to go byhimself !!!! All our kids must be grown up now with 5 drivers in the family!!!!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Just leaving for airport see you all in sheffield . sam is now in california and the girls are doing internship heard the weather is good yipee

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Mike outside the hotel

San Diego

Had agreat time in san diego
Saw a cafe called sally's so here is the photo of me outside of it plus others of the horizon ona June gloom day there . off to the uk tomorrow so doing the mad dash and the 24 lists of lists !!!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Well its all early starts here at the moment -no lazy summer days. Sam has driving lessons at 7.30 and the girls have summer internship at joy leaving here at 7.30. before that we go swimming!!!
Enjoying the Goo Goo dolls but will have to see what the new dixie Chicks cd is like !!!
went to see "The Break up" with Mike last week-good film , jennifer aniston wears great dresses !!!Also went to see X men- better than I thought and even enjoyed it,
Reading more Jodi Picoult after finishing the Mermaid Chair which was really good .

Monday, June 05, 2006

Well more trips to the airport and now Mike and I have added a 24hr visit to San Diego ( i have always wanted to go but maybe for longer than 24hrs!!)
Its Beccy's 22nd birthday tomorrow(she must be all grown up at this age, a real job and buying a proper car , that means I have to look at least my age )
I was married and living in Hackney when I was her age !!!! I felt grown up too but I think we do at very age and still feel 17 at the same time!!
Took lots of photos of all the cousins . Alison maybe off to France , Louise to Australia in July and Beccy now in the USA means it will be a while before they are all together again . Sam is a bit out numbered but holds his own .

Friday, June 02, 2006

My neices brought with them a cd by the Arctic monkeys and Mike and I love it. It is sosooo Sheffield and we laughed and laughed at the track Mardy bum !!! The guy who writes and sings those lyrics has such a great observations about life that I can listen to them all day they are like poems .
They have also got me listening to Athlete another new favorite.
Beccy has introduced me to Bromhead jackets who are also great and good friends of hers .
USA is a bit hard to find new music especially when i tend to sick to the country channels - I know that wont be a surprise, my ipod is however becoming quite eclectic now . Joanna will be especially pleased to hear this as she has been trying to broaden my musical taste for years!!!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

This was a day out at the canyon with alison and Louise, Charlie and sam. No matter how many times you visit this incredible place it is always breath taking !!! and only 3hrs north of us . Charlie loved the adventure and now wnats to visit other natural wonders perhaps The wall of China next!!!