Sunday, February 25, 2007

by popular request

so here is a picture of Beccy and Phil at home with us this sunday after church in our back yard .this is posted by popular request for all of you girlies out there who want to know what he looks like etc !!!

pictures by request

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Zoe's baptism Photo's

Friday, February 23, 2007

Trip to mexico

Joannah and I went on aroad trip today all the way to mexico. We set off in the dark and very early 5.ooam !!! with water and snacks essentials for any trip. the reason to go was Jo needed her passport stamped!!! We are all here on visas and it gets all very complicated with no real understanding of it but what we did know was that Jo needed a new exit?entrance stamp in hers , so off we went.
Well we did go to mexico and exited and entered 2 1/2 times!!! first by car with me driving -- Mexican driving is a whole different driving experience!! and meanwhile Chris her husband wasn't sure if we were insured in mexico !!!
That didnt get us the stamp so then we decided to go back by foot !! which felt abit weird and third worldy this didn't get us a stamp either !!! so we asked for one and a very nice passport control man told us we had to go somewhere else!!! we queued again Jo di get a stamp but it wasnt dated so we then saw the nice passport control man again and he dated it april 2009!!! hurrah . It did feel abit like a battle though and we didnt really see much shopping potential in Mexico but I did get a Tuscon strabucks mug to ad to my collection .
And we were able to chat for 10hrs without interuption !!!
What a good day

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Friends from India

We had Victor and Saro visiting us from India this week . Mike met up with them in November when he was over in India so it was great to meet them again in the USA. Victor works for YWAM in India and is planting churches and schools in his area .
We had fun with them we went to Sedona (in the rain ) met up with Beccy and her boyfreind Phil and then went shopping to walmart!!
I achieved something very special here and something Saro's family are very pleased about I got her some JEANS !!!!They have been trying for years to get her to wear them but it took the combination of me and Walmart to achieve it !

Friends from India

Sunday, February 18, 2007

great songs

Over recent months Mike and I have become good friends with Brian Doerkson and his wife . When they were visiting us recently they gave us Brians soon to be released Cd called Holy God which I especially like " You are my Home track 15" ( the words are very applicable to genX ) and track 16 which is from Psalms .
I am playing it at the moment waiting for all the TOM members in Phoenix to arrive . Its so up lifting and a great driving song but dont drive too fast !!as if !!!!
So recommend buying it when it comes out

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Films by Mike

I've recently seen some excellent films -but I always say that!

Blood Diamond...fab performance by Lionardo - better than The Departed performance in my opinion. The flawless S African accent and generally excellent acting give a weight to the bad guy turned good character. A tough, sometimes gruelly action movied with a redemptive message and a 'salvation thru sacrifice' story line.

Last King of Scotland....again brilliant acting - this time Forest Whitaker. For anyone watching these two films with half a soul its clear that Africa is the great battlefield of the Spiritual Powers right now - watching them makes you want God to win!

On a lighter note...The Greatest Game Ever Played and Music and Lyrics are real fun. The first the true story behind an amazing golf game between an unheralded amateur and the Tiger Woods of the day Harry Varden - really good. The second is a 'laugh out loud' comedy with Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore -very funny in the usual quirky Hugh Grant way!

Sam also lets him sit on his knee and as you can see Charlie is now rather large!!!

Sam and Charlie

Sam and Charlie

We have had lots of visitors and charlie loves them all he is so extrovert in every way .anders michael especially loves Charlie and lets him sneak up on the furniture!!!Here is aphoto of Anders Michael in charlies bed !!! he wanted to take him home to his new appartment in Sheffield.
I didn't get any photos of Nikki who also stayed because she was working so hard ,but we did manage to get some shopping time in at Keirland and the outlets. its amazing how much shopping you can do in 30mins


Monday, February 12, 2007

Hurrah Neil has fixed my computer i can download photos again

this was us on christmas day abit late i know !!!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Busy week

Its very annoying but i cant post photos until Neil Birchinall remotely looks at my computer and sees what is wrong with it.
Mike is due home today -hurrah
I have been madly spring cleaning -nothing is safe from the black bag and bin !!!!!
Went to Old Scotsdale this friday had fun went on a trolley bus and looked at old type shops a bit touristy but mum is a tourist so thats ok.
Went back to fashion square on saturday Beccy wanted to go . Its the very posh shopping centre in Phoenix with all the designer shops -nice to look at .
Busy week ahead lots of airport trips 12 to be precise in the next ten days !!!!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Turn around

Mike is in the frozen bit of USA whilst I am enjoying gorgeous weather in the high 70's here in Phoenix.
He should be back at the weekend to enjoy them.
New vistors arrive saturday, sunday and Monday from all over one from Canada , one from the Uk and one from denmark !!! then next week we have visitors from India . hope they all like my cooking !!!

Saturday, February 03, 2007


Mike and sam are in Florida where Mike is speaking at a youth event , so any one who knows me well will know what i will be up to --- decorating!!!
Thought it was time to get rid of some more of the white walls that the house comes with. This time its the loft are upstairs lets hope it looks good !!!
Also replanting some geraniums etc we have had so much cold weather and frost plants have died!!! with shock so replanting is essential !!

Thursday, February 01, 2007


We love coffee in this household as many of you will know.
We love starbucks and all that .

However at home we have tried many , many types of instruments to make coffee ,
drip pots, expresso makers, bodums etc.
I have just bought a new one- i have gone back to the old fashioned perculator!! remember the little pop pop noise they make and the HOt coffee they produce and to me it wins hands down I am still convincing Mike of course but I like it.

I also went to two new classes this week an exercise class at the community centre here in anthem -which was great and connected me with the outside world -always good
Photography class which also was really brilliant and made me realise how little i knew but how good it was to learn this stuff .
so busy week here in Phoenix